Sunday, August 22, 2010

Turbo filets and squash

I really have to remember to start taking pictures of our dinners again.  Today, I left to pick up my 5 year old and gave the older two instructions--place turbo fillets on one pan (we had an incident a couple days ago where something went awry because dinner ended up being cooked on two pans and taking twice as long), top with melted butter mixed with cooking wine and lemon juice, place thinly sliced squash and leeks on top, put on a little olive oil.  They did it very nicely and dinner was wonderful.  Even the presentation with the yellow squash looked very nice.  Thanks boys!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Joshua's spanikopita

Joshua was in charge of a second recent batch of spanikopita today.  We have a ton of something called "lambs quarters"--it is a type of wild spinach.  We have used it twice to make spanikopita.  Today, Joshua was in charge of removing the spanikoptia from the stems, clarifying butter, sauteeing the vegetables for the filling, and then working with the phyllo dough.  We did get Daniel involved a little bit--he helped with some of the phyllo dough.  And even Christopher helped--by taking care of finishing the baking while we went to a birthday party.  The spanikopita was for a second party this afternoon and it was well received by all.  We'll probably make at least one more batch before the summer is over.  This has been a very popular product to receive from our community supported agriculture farm this summer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stir fry on bagels

Today, I sent my soon to be 11 year old on his first walking mission to get one thing at the grocery store.  Of course, I walked to get my parents stuff from the store when I was 11, but it was in 1981 and I had to go only around the corner.  I am proud of my middle son as he got there and back safely, handled the money properly, and asked the employee when he could not find what he was looking for.  What did I send him for?  Heavy duty aluminum foil.  Why?  We needed it to bake bacon with dinner.

Dinner tonight was stir fried squash served with crispy bacon and grated Muenster cheese on an open faced homemade bagel.  The recipe was my creation.  My oldest son did most of the cooking.  And the combination was enjoyed by all.

I am so proud of my boys.  I don't know what I'll do once they are back in school and they have less time to spend cooking.  I think it will be nice when I don't have so many days per week to go to the chiropractor.  While he has been a great help and become a good friend as well as an important influence on my health and training, I will be glad to get to a point at which I will have only one visit per week rather than three.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pizza Made by My Sons

I did not get a picture of this one, but today I made a pizza dough before I left for work at 8:10.  I sent an email to my boys, and when I got home after seven, everyone else had already eaten and the pizza was mighty good.  What did my boys do?  The older two divided up responsibilities.  My middle one took the dough out to let it finish rising.  Then he spread it on a pizza pan.  My oldest one topped it.  We had a combination of mozzarella, feta, mango/chicken sausage, red onion, and lamb quarters (which some people would mistake for a week but which is a nice substitue for spinach).  It was a wonderfully flavored pizza enjoyed by all--including my 5 year old who had a piece and and a half just as I did.  I had a couple of brown rice cakes (that my five year old made me buy) to finish off the dinner with enough calories.  Next time my kids cook, I'll make sure to get a picture.