Monday, August 9, 2010

Pizza Made by My Sons

I did not get a picture of this one, but today I made a pizza dough before I left for work at 8:10.  I sent an email to my boys, and when I got home after seven, everyone else had already eaten and the pizza was mighty good.  What did my boys do?  The older two divided up responsibilities.  My middle one took the dough out to let it finish rising.  Then he spread it on a pizza pan.  My oldest one topped it.  We had a combination of mozzarella, feta, mango/chicken sausage, red onion, and lamb quarters (which some people would mistake for a week but which is a nice substitue for spinach).  It was a wonderfully flavored pizza enjoyed by all--including my 5 year old who had a piece and and a half just as I did.  I had a couple of brown rice cakes (that my five year old made me buy) to finish off the dinner with enough calories.  Next time my kids cook, I'll make sure to get a picture.

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