Sunday, August 15, 2010

Joshua's spanikopita

Joshua was in charge of a second recent batch of spanikopita today.  We have a ton of something called "lambs quarters"--it is a type of wild spinach.  We have used it twice to make spanikopita.  Today, Joshua was in charge of removing the spanikoptia from the stems, clarifying butter, sauteeing the vegetables for the filling, and then working with the phyllo dough.  We did get Daniel involved a little bit--he helped with some of the phyllo dough.  And even Christopher helped--by taking care of finishing the baking while we went to a birthday party.  The spanikopita was for a second party this afternoon and it was well received by all.  We'll probably make at least one more batch before the summer is over.  This has been a very popular product to receive from our community supported agriculture farm this summer.

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