Sunday, September 6, 2009

All in a morning's work

Yesterday's creations (soft pretzels) are now (1) in my child's stomach--Daniel had to have one right after they were made, (2) in the freezer (we saved 11 for during the week), and (3) waiting to be used for lunch at the Orioles game.

Today, I started the day with no running (decided to give myself a rest after running 13 miles yesterday), but with making two bread recipes.  I made naan pockets and crusty Italian rolls.  This time I tried grilling the naan pockets using our George Foreman grill.  I think that the George Foreman grill will serve us well through the winter making naan and anything else I need to grill.  For some reason up till now (after having the George Foreman grill for years) I had not used it much.  I bet it will get a lot more use this winter.

The crusty Italian rolls also turned out nicely this morning.  I had a little help from Daniel making the rolls into the long roll shape.  The picture below shows the results of work before 8:15 on a Sunday morning.

On top of that it is another beautiful and pleasantly warm day in Baltimore.  Life is good. 

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