Thursday, September 3, 2009

The First Day of School

Yesterday after I posted, my kids had their first day of school. My four year old will be in school three full days a week. He had a "visiting day" yesterday to meet this teacher and a few other classmates and see his classroom. He was already familiar with both his teacher (who was also his teacher outside the school last year) and the classroom (where both his brothers had spent at least one year) so that was not such a big deal for him. The kids had play time during the visiting period. Among other things, my four year old played in the kitchen (it is a very play oriented preschool and kindergarten) and pretended that he (along with another classmate) were making an elaborate lunch for my wife and others. It is so cool to see him playing at the things that I emphasize at home.

The pretzels cut in half and made into sandwiches with cream cheese and cherry preserves were a big hit. Even my 13 year old commented on how good they were.

So, what am I making today. There is a great recipe for crusty Italian rolls that a friend pointed out a couple months ago. I've used it many times. I made a double recipe of dough when I first came down this morning. That'll give enough rolls for lunch and dinner. If you'd like to see the recipe, click here.  What to serve with the rolls? If I have my act together (meaning I have to get the kids to do some dishes and I have to get to the grocery store before taking my kids to school), I'll serve tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and some type of meat on the rolls for lunch. For dinner--probably rolls alongside stir-fried vegetables--mostly squash with more tomatoes.

For breakfast today, I'll make a simple crepe recipe for the kids. Serve it with bananas inside a crepe that is folded in quarters coming off the crepe pan.

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