Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday morning

Well, it was 8 o'clock when I sat down at the computer.  It's now 8:15 as I gave up on my laptop and switched to my desktop for the blog entry.

Great morning so far.  I ran this morning and all the pain I had in my knee a few weeks ago is gone.  That is a plus in preparation for the half-marathon in three weeks.

The sandwiches for the potluck at the mill yesterday were well received.  After a potluck with very nutritious foods including an awesome fig chutney we went to Dairy Queen.  Almost the exact opposite of what we'd had for dinner in terms of nutrition but it was a fun treat.

This morning I made buckwheat crepes using the stone ground  buckwheat flour we bought at the mill yesterday.  Not quite freshly ground but close.  Those were good crepes.  Although my 4 year old said he did not like the flavor.  It may also have been the consistency as they really are a bit different from the crepes I usually make.

Also this morning I tried my hand at Sally Lunn bread--at least that's what the recipe in my cookbook calls it.  It is a yeast-based sweet bread that you bake in a bundt pan.  Next time I try it I'll have to bake it a minute or two longer and/or wait a few minutes to take it out of the pan.  The bread tastes good but it fell entirely out of shape when I turned it of the pan.  My 10 year old made the astute observation that it tastes a lot like the Lion House Rolls.  Most of the same ingredients--just different proportions and a different shape.  When I get it right, I'll take a picture.

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