Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preparing for the first day of school

   Last night when I was fixing the pizza for which I had made the dough yesterday morning, I had an issue with my four year old that some parents probably only dream of having.   I was spreading the dough into circles to bake.  My 13 year old was grating fresh mozzarella.  My 10 year old was cutting an heirloom tomato.  My 4 year old was constantly asking for a piece of cheese and a piece of tomato.  I made him wait till the pizza was ready (at which point he ate two pieces).  I guess I should be happy that he is so interested in good food.  He was not fond of the yellow squash which went on only one pizza. 

   I also had the boys helping in the kitchen last night to prepare a few other things.  Since today is the first day of school, I decided to do baking last night.  This morning is just crazy with kid stuff, a few work things I need to take care of, and running.  So, last night while i was finishing making the pizza, I had my 13 year old measure out eight cups of flour--he was surprised it was that much).  We then put together the rest of the ingredients for two recipes of soft pretzels.  The first batch cooked while we were eating and we had still warm soft pretzels topped with cinnamon and sugar for dessert.  

   A few of those are left over for breakfast  We finished a second batch after dinner was over (and while my 13 year old bathed my 4 year old--thank goodness I have such well mannered and capable children).  Those were baked thick enough that I can cut them into a top and bottom "slice" and then make a sandwich.  I plan to send my kids with cream cheese and cherry preserves served inside a soft pretzel for their first day of school morning snack.
   We still have some leftover biscuits from yesterday.   They'll probably get eaten with dinner.   We'll have pasta with a sauce into which I add some fresh tomato and squash.  We got a lot more tomato and more squash from the community supported agriculture farm yesterday

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