Thursday, September 24, 2009

Multiple adventures

Back in the kitchen today.  It was a lot of fun.

Began the day with a double recipe of soft pretzels before school.  Of the 20 pretzels, 14 were covered with cinnamon and sugar.  I showed my kids how much you have to put on the really taste it.  Those with enough on really taste yummy.  The other 6--at long last I tried my Baltimore Old Bay Pretzels.  They were wonderful.  Even my 4 year old says he like them!  While we ate pretzels with cinnamon and sugar for breakfast, we saved the Old Bay for lunch.  That would not have been a good breakfast.

On the way home, I bought 8 sausage links.  At a local store they carry multiple varieties of Italian sausage--just "sweet", fennel, rosemary, etc.  In any case, I got two of each of four varieties.  Cooked them in a pan.  Had my 13 year old cut them to 1/2 in slices.  My 4 year old cut s bunch of green onions into pieces.  Fried those in the fat left over from the sausages with a tiny bit of red wine vinegar.  Then cooked couscous with a bit of olive oil.  Mixed the sausage slices, couscous, and green onions together.  Made a great dinner along with smoked mozzarella.

Finally (this was just for me although I'm sure a bit of non-alcoholic orange beverage could be substituted in this recipe) I made a cool, summery (it is 80+ degrees and ridiculously humid today), slushy for a snack.  Mix 1 small lemon (seeded if you have a regular blender or not if you have a high powered blender), 6 ice cubes, 1/4 cup of orange muscat desert wine, and 1/4 cup of pomegranate juice (we use a mix that is all juice but not pure pomegranate).  Blend until smooth.  Nice mix of tart and sweet flavors without having to add any sugar.

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