Monday, September 14, 2009

A house with no yeast

This morning there was no yeast in the house? Was this a surprise? No. I knew that would be the case yesterday when I used the last bit of yeast in the most recently purchased jar two make enough dough for two 12 inch pizzas for dinner last night. That wasn't originally planned, but since my four year old was ill, I stayed home and made a nice dinner for when my wife and two older sons arrived home from the oldest's concert. We ended up having pear and prosciutto pizza. It was quite good. One accomplishment in the process of making those pizzas--I managed (for the first time) to make the pizza dough round on the pizza peel and then move it to an already hot pizza stone without having the dough lose its shape. The pizza with the two ingredients mentioned already and ricotta and fresh mozzarella worked quite well. Apparently several months of practice with lots of corn meal to move Italian rolls of the pizza peel have finally paid off in terms of an improved ability to do the same for pizzas. Now it's time to get another pizza peal as it works best for pizzas that fit well on the peel and my family can't do with less than two 12 inch pizzas these days.

So, what did my children and I eat today if we had no yeast? We had enough leftovers from the weekend, that I served jelly doughnuts for breakfast, leftover pizza for lunch for everyone but me and a sandwich on leftover whole wheat bread for me. That worked well.

This morning while my kids and I ate doughnuts, I took the leftover Bosco pears and prosciutto and sautéed they in some better. I cooked a half recipe of crepes. And tonight, my family should be serving the crepes with a thin layer of ricotta and some of the pear-prosciutto sauce. If we don't fill up on that, there's still plenty of wheat bread and heirloom tomatoes in the fridge. Can't do pears and prosciutto all the time, but it was yummy.


  1. I love cleaning out the fridge days!

  2. Yeah, those days are good. You know the food goes go good use and you don't have to work quite so hard. Both are good outcomes. Thanks, Michelle.