Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cashing in on hard work

The pizza I made yesterday morning was enjoyed by all last night for dinner.  One down side of making such a heavy pizza in the morning is that it was a bit soggy by dinner time.  Have to work on the timing issues there in the future.

The whole wheat bread was used by my boys for lunch yesterday and they'll have more for today and probably tomorrow as well.  They seem to enjoy it.

The "cashing in" part comes from my own experience into today.  Last night after I got home I ate dinner while Sherry ran the two older boys to their respective musical activities.  Then, I gave Daniel a bath, but him to bed, did the dishes, picked Joshua up, stopped at the grocery store, and finally ended up back at home.  After which I turned around and drove to Bethesda.  (Did I mention packing for an overnight stay in Bethesda for an NIH meeting on the list above?  Must have forgotten that one.  It was a busy evening.)

In any case, when I went to pick up Joshua, I asked Christopher to make me two sandwiches of just honey on whole wheat.  I brought them to Bethesda with me.  (This is one of the reasons I can't imagine leaving Baltimore--when I need to be at the NIH or in DC I can "brown bag it" for at least part of the trip.)  The sandwich is right now an awesome breakfast along with "organic fruit punch" drink boxes after a hard workout.  Being nourished by what I have the good fortune to have the time and money to make with my own hands and my kids' help is a great thing.  

Brief side observation--I am always amazed when I make breads.  When I mix dry ingredients that are all over the bowl when I begin with the wet ingredients, I end up with a ball of dough that never seems large enough to contain all the ingredients.  Then, thanks to the yeast, it rises and becomes twice as big.  The whole process is pretty amazing.  

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