Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food extravaganza

Since yesterday morning's first attempt at homemade pop-tarts, my family has had a food extravaganza.

First, we went to a Greek festival and enjoyed pastitsio, gyros, and tiropita along with a long list of deserts. Diples was a favorite.  Picked up a Greek cookbook.  Combining that with recipes from my FB friends, we are ready for an increasingly Mediterranean diet.

Second, when I went to pick up Christopher from his Saturday music program, we stopped at a butcher shop on the way home.  Bought 4 beautiful pork chops.  Cooked those in a little canola oil and served green onions sauteed in the fat on top.  That was great.  My 4 year old asked for homemade bread to use for dipping in the olive oil we bought at the Greek festival yesterday.  My wife says I spoil him but I could not resist.  in 80 minutes we had crusty Italian rolls.  I must say that despite somewhat short rising times (and this is something I don't generally recommending taking short cuts on) the rolls were very good and in the olive oil they were wonderful.

This morning we made quince pop tarts. The quince is an awesome flavor.  We made the pop tarts 4x4 rather than 2x3.  They turned out better but you have to bake them more like 15-17 minutes rather than 7-8.  We still have not used the frosting recipe.  In any case, click here for the recipe link.  I have to hand it to the boys.  The boys made almost the entire recipe by themselves.

Also this morning, I braised a boneless leg of lamb that is now in the crock pot and we are almost done more rolls to go with lunch.

Great day so far.  Hoping for good things to come.

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