Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pretzel Pie & Pop-Tarts

It's been a couple days since I wrote in here.  Two fun days with foods.  Let me first post a few back pictures.  Let's begin with pear-prusciutto pizza:

Next, the heirloom tomato pizza:

Then, the Italian sausage and couscous with smoked mozzarella (plate from before I was born!):

The last two, I have to write a bit about. Yesterday, we made a pretzel recipe in the morning that yielded a dozen pretzels--half a dozen with Old Bay and half a dozen with cinnamon and sugar.  (We tried not to sprinkle Old Bay onto the ones right next to them with cinnamon).  We baked the pretzels on a round pan.  The boys placed them close enough together that they touched while baking.  When they were done, I was able to slide the whole dozen off as a circle onto the cooling rack.  The kids called in a "Pretzel Pie".

Finally, this morning, I followed up on a post from earlier in the week when I mentioned that I had organic pomegranate toaster pastries.  I found a recipe and gave it a try.  This first batch turned out okay. I need a jam that is slightly less runny and I need to either toast them after baking or bake them a little longer.  Rather than using a sugar-icing topping, we used Nutella and sprinkles.  Here is a picture of the ten "pop-tarts".  We used homemade cherry freezer jam as the filling.  Great combination with the chocolate and hazelnuts.

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