Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday morning breadmaking

   For this morning's recipe, I actually made what I had planned to make yesterday when I was on my way home on Friday. Those who have been following along will recall my desire to move on to whole wheat bread. Yesterday, I made doughnuts instead as a treat for my kids when I got back.

   Today, I made the whole wheat bread recipe. I was a little short on honey so the bread has some molasses in nit.  It smelled delicious as the two loaves just came out of the oven. We'll see how they taste.

   I should note two other things. First, from last weekend's bread making extravaganza. When I returned, my family had not even finished all the bread. It helped that my 13 year old was sick during the week. If he had not been, I bet that all the bread would have been gone. As it was there were eight Italian rolls left. We used four yesterday. Four are left in our neighbor's freezer. It is amazing how empty our own freezer is now.

   Second, from yesterday, the 12 sandwiches (half an Italian roll, mozzarella, salami, and tomato) that we contributed to the block party all got eaten.

   For the rest of today, I expect we'll eat grilled cheese (simple white American on the whole wheat bread) for lunch and then whatever for dinner as Christopher has a concert from 1-6.

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