Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Fun Saturday

Started today late.  Catching up on sleep.  Found my 4 year old and my young cat at the foot of the bed when I get up this morning near 7.

After watching Joshua play some online stacking games, I made crepes for everyone else.  I ate the last two smaller Lion House rolls that were left over from earlier this week. The crepes were pretty standard.  Joshua helped me spread one or two of them.  I had Daniel cut bananas to wrap inside them. We served them with banana, a honey spread from the Maryland beekeepers association, and then one the last one I made for Sherry I put a pinch of cinnamon.  She said it was a nice touch.

Now I am finishing baking a dozen crusty Italian rolls.  Some for us for lunch. Some to take for an afternoon potluck after we tour a grain mill.  For the potluck, we'll take fresh mozzarella and tomato (no salami for a mostly vegetarian group) on the Italian rolls.

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