Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No baking this morning

So, this morning I am not baking? Why, I am in State College, PA. I was blessed to be chosen for an award from the Schreyer Honors College. That will be tomorrow. The invitation along with the award was to come for a two day stay to interact with current students and faculty. I arrived last night and will leave tomorrow.

So, what will my kids be eating. First, the Lion House rolls I made yesterday. Second, when I got home for dinner last night, I made a quick batch of soft pretzels while I was making dinner. My 4 year old ate one of them already. He always likes to eat what I bake as soon as I bake it. I suppose I should appreciate that. It shows how much he likes what I cook and it shows how much the food we share keeps us connected. Between the bread products, some leftover salami and American cheese, the leftover French toast we made for breakfast yesterday with the homemade whole wheat bread (that was tasty French toast), and a few other things that are around, they should be fine.

For dinner one of the evenings I am gone, they will be treated to homemade pesto as Sherry went and got pine nuts yesterday to go with the basil she already had. She and the kids (and I) love homemade pesto. I hope that some will be left when I get home.

For dinner last night, while I was making the soft pretzels, I decided to make something other than the spaghetti to leave the quick meals for Sherry and the boys while I am gone. So, I bought some ground turkey and sharp cheddar. Browned the turkey and had the kids grate the cheddar. Put them insight mostly organic large tortillas and fried the turkey and cheese burritos in canola oil until they were just golden brown. (At least that was how long I intended to fry them. The results were actually quite variable.) In any case, everyone liked those served alongside thick slices of another heirloom tomato. It is unfortunate that we have reached the end of the local tomato season. This year's heirloom tomatoes from the community supported agriculture farm were among the best ever.

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