Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The day before the start of school

   Today is the last day before school starts for my kids.  Today the kids are “sleeping in”—at least relative to me.  Since I was out for a dinner for work last night and did not arrive home until 10 when I was pretty exhausted, today is the early to rise part of the old expression “early to bed—early to rise”.  I’m not sure about the “health, wealthy, and wise” part of that expression, but it does give me the ability to cook and bake for my family.
   So, what is on the menu for today?  I made a simple recipe of baking powder biscuits.  I did throw in a little curveball.  Today, rather than using cow milk I used soy milk—in fact vanilla soy milk.  I’ve done that before, and the kids like the little extra sweetness and flavor.  I also put in a pinch of ground ginger and a pinch of cinnamon.
   For dinner we will be having homemade pizza.  I have started the dough for that already.  It’ll rise this morning before I go to work, then I’ll have my kids take it out of the refrigerator before I get home from work, and we’ll finish the preparation, baking, and eating when I get home.  Today will be a vegetarian day.  We’ll use the fresh mozzarella and pizza sauce I picked up at the grocery story yesterday and a selection of the vegetables we get from the community supported agriculture farm that we pick up on Tuesday.  Hopefully we’ll get a few more tomatoes and some squash.  It makes an excellent pizza.
   Start to finish in less than an hour for the food below.  Too bad I can't post the delicious smells.

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