Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quick entry today

Quick entry today. My four year old asked for Lion House Rolls yesterday. I didn't even have the yeast to make them yesterday morning, but I am making them this morning. The irony is that he and his two brothers won't even need them for lunch today. The kids school has a program where a local high end grocery store offers lunches for the kids--the school does not have its own cafeteria. The key is that even the minimum order (2 days a week for each of the three kids) would run us over $20/week. We have enough other good food that this doesn't make sense for us. However, today they offered every kid in the school a free lunch. So my oldest is getting an Italian cold cut sandwich and my younger two are both getting sushi!

The menu for today then? For breakfast, we'll serve the remaining leftover wheat bread from Sunday for breakfast. Possibly as French toast. Depends on how much time I have. The kids lunches are taken care of as mentioned above. Probably something very simple like spaghetti with some type of vegetable from the CSA and maybe some of the rolls I make. Otherwise, rolls get saved for lunch tomorrow. Probably make a single or double recipe of soft pretzels for while I'm in State College for two days.

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