Monday, September 21, 2009

Making a dent in a 10 pound bag of stone ground wheat flour

I sit here typing at 6:45 AM and I have already had a great morning.  We'll hope that the rest of the day is as productive.

My main accomplishment this morning--making a serious dent in a 10 pound bag of stone ground whole wheat flour that I got at the mill on Saturday.

First, I made the whole wheat, corn, honey bread that I made a few weeks ago.  This time, I had the recently ground, stone ground whole wheat flour.  Also, this time I used roasted corn meal rather than regular corn meal (that was also from the mill).  Finally, this time I had the right amount of honey.  My 13 year old took one bite and said "This is good!"  I have to agree.  The roasted corn meal definitely adds to the flavor.

Right now, in the oven, I have a whole wheat pizza baking.  This morning, I ran out of yeast--had about half what I needed--so I threw in some baking powder.  It worked really well.  I topped a 16 inch pizza  with a  full pound of mozzarella, a beautiful orange heirloom tomato, and ground parmesan.  Good eats for dinner tonight.  I'll be home, but too late to do the pizza from scratch tonight.

Have a great day!

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